The Wik and Kuku Ranger Program is designed to identify key threats to out ecosystem and the rich biodiversity we are custodians for, then implementing activities that address these key threats.


In partnership with the Aurukun Shire Council, APN Cape York is committed to improving conservation outcomes for our country that are delivered by traditional owners of the land they are working on.

The Aurukun Shire Council has acquired funding through the Queensland governments Wild Rivers Rangers Program for a ranger coordinator and two full-time senior rangers to coordinate and run on-country programs. This compliments the federal funding that APN Cape York has received through the Federal Government’s Caring For our Country Program (CFoC) as well as the Fire and Carbon Project.

This funding will employ one full-time APN ranger, as well as 8 part-time rangers over the next 12 months to drive positive outcomes for the environment at the direction of the senior rangers.

Feral Pest Control

Rangers manage…

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An overview statment of the great work that Wik and Kuku Rangers do on Wik homelands.

Environmental Monitoring

The Wik and Kuku Rangers also protect.