• 150 Kilometres of road & tracks were graded in 2019, providing easy access for Traditional Owners
  • 28 Kilometres of new roads created & 68kms of roads widened in 2019
  • +1000 Feral pigs were shot in 2019, reducing damage to turtle nests, lagoons & waterholes
  • +300 marine turtle nests monitored with a 70% nesting survival rate
  • 1724 sq. kms of early season burning, protecting country from late season hot fires
  • 58 kilometres of beach between Love & Kirke Rivers are monitored for Sea turtle activity
  • 3780 square kilometres of land is managed by the APN Cape York Rangers
  • 300 Feral cattle removed from high value environmental areas
  • 36 Kilometres of new fire trails & 40kms of existing fire trails maintained


In our local language, Wik Mungkan, Aak Puul Ngantam translates as ‘Our father’s father’s country’ and refers directly to our ancestral homelands.

Owned entirely by Southern Wik traditional owners, APN Cape York facilitates the return of traditional owners to their Southern Wik homelands in a manner that is culturally, environmentally and economically sustainable.

APN Cape York's ultimate goal is to help families of the Aurukun community return to their traditional homelands.

APN Objectives:

  • assist traditional owners getting back to country;
  • assist traditional owners in the transfer of traditional knowledge to younger generations;
  • look after and maintain the cultural and environmental diversity of the natural resources of the Southern Wik and Kugu groups and country;
  • promote sustainable economic and training opportunities for all Wik and Kugu people; and
  • promote social programs to improve health and educational outcomes for Wik and Kugu people.


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